What is One Salon?

At its core, Salon is a weekly gathering with an open environment full of thoughtful, creative, and passionate people. But that doesn’t begin to capture the energy of Salon.

Salon is a place to learn, to draw inspiration, and to be surrounded by doers and creators. It is a place to let our creativity run wild, to expose ourselves to new topics and new viewpoints, and to inject serendipity into each and every week.

With 16 chapters and growing, Salon is also growing to become an international community around these values, so that a Saloner can visit any city and immediately have a community of people that hold our values important.

To many attendees, their experience at Salon has become an integral part of their week and even their lives. But whether someone comes every week or for a single evening, Salon is thought-provoking, fun, and provides a unique experience for every attendee.

What Happens at Salon?

Every night is unique and every night is memorable. Each week there are both regulars and new-comers, and everyone knows to expect the unexpected. We start the night by breaking reality, playing games taken from the improv world to loosen up and allow us to share a bit about ourselves.

Most Salons include a scheduled talk, on topics as diverse as Tango, Creativity, Healthcare, or Rhetoric. Some talks are meant to teach, some to create an experience, and some to inspire. All talks however, invite participation - either through activities, discussion, or thoughtful responses.

While Salon is planned around a talk, it is only a diving board - the real magic of Salon happens between the attendees. We create an open environment, bringing together a group of thoughtful, creative, and passionate minds - and we just let sparks fly.

Want to Find a One Salon?

We currently have 16 chapters located all around the world. Click below to find a chapter near you.