The Team

Max Song

Max grew up in Beijing, Shanghai and Chicago, and studied machine learning and diplomacy at Brown University. He previously worked at NASA Ames on genetic engineering as a Teaching Fellow at Singularity University, co-founded Brown's first startup accelerator, and worked in Silicon Valley as Ayasdi's youngest data scientist. 

In the last few years, he co-published a book on data science, modeled Citibank’s 2015 Stress Test, stated a international, entrepreneurship-based high school summer camp in Shenzhen called Prometheus, and started the One Salon—an intellectual, emotional and experiential community that spread from Stanford to 12 cities around the world. 

He’s currently based in Beijing, and developing an interest in investing, global economics and politics at Schwarzman College, Tsinghua. In his spare time, he explores exponential technologies, the implications of AI in biotech, sustainability, and renewables. 


Rafael Cosman studied Computer Science at Stanford University and did machine learning research at Palantir and Google Brain. When he's not working he enjoys swimming and blues dancing. He is now co-founding a startup in San Francisco. 

Rafael was a founding member of the first Salon chapter, at Stanford, where he brought an indelible welcoming presence, rigorous science and the most delicious snacks to feed the intellect and bellies of the Salon. The "short talks", "boom volcano", "high fives" were all part of Rafael's creative contributions, and Salons around the world continue to build on his ground breaking endeavors. 


Samanee Mahbub

Originally from Bangladesh, Samanee has now travelled to 24 countries. She’s currently studying History at Brown, but that hasn’t stopped her from exploring the works of Marx to financial accounting and everything in between. 

She went on to work at Morgan Stanley but soon realized finance wasn’t for her. Some called her crazy to leave a golden opportunity but instead, she created her own golden opportunity by leaving Brown for a year to explore and learn. Over the year she’s worked in non-profits in LA, startups in Berlin and is now currently based in NY. 

Her interests include storytelling, blogging, tech trends that can change the world, and finding what lights up your eye in a conversation.